About Us


Welcome to my homepage My name is Monika K.Steensland & Øyvind K. Steensland, it is I Monika that is the owner of Deahills dobermann kennel. We live in a small village named Etne that is on the west coast of Norway. Here we enjoy our days with our lovely dogs. At home we have 3 Dobermann`s ,we have Dea that is mum to our A littler, her daughter Alyssa and her son Armano.

Our dogs follow us all day long, they are with us in every aspect of every day life, dobermann is our big passion. Our main focus is to breed dogs that can cope with the society as it functions now. And also continue to breed mentaly stable dobermann`s. All dogs that comes from our kennel have to take mental and health test`s.

Puppies that are born in our kennel is born inside our house. They are born in the kitchen and when there are big enough we move them into our living room,we sleep beside the puppy crib to make sure the puppies have the best of care at all times.

When the puppies are old enough we will take them out to see the world to socialize them with other people,dogs and environment so they can have a lot of positive experience, this give them a good foundation for the rest of their lives.










Alyssa BIS4