Barracuda Hemi By Deahills





Barracuda Hemi By Deahills


Born 03.05.2016


Hemi as she is called in her dayli life, is an active dobermann. She is co owned together with Sigve Sæle. Sigve has ambission to compeet with Hemi in obediance and tracking. We are proudly following them on the sideline 



Ølen,etne & Vindafjord hundeklubb 10.02.2018:

EXE, 1 INT, CQ, 1BF , CAC & BOS 



Eyescreened free:

PPM - free 
PHTVL/PHPV - free 
CATARACT - free 
RD - free 
CEA - free 
Hypoplastia-/Micropapilla - free 
PRA - free

  • Passed MH 7 okt 2017